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Improving test scores and achieving successful transitions are both critical outcomes that matter to dedicated educators.

  • Project Discovery and Achieve Life Skills curriculum were developed by a team of nationally-recognized curriculum experts and career guidance professionals as well as skilled workers in each career field.

  • We passed a rigorous evaluation process by the U. S. Department of Education and received its validation and approval. In addition, it has been selected by the National Dropout Prevention Network as a Model Program.

  • This credentialed program is based on guidelines from national initiatives and job tasks from the O-Net and the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI).

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U.S. Department of Education

Approved & Validated

Council of Administrators of Special Education

Endorsed Program

National Dropout Prevention Center

Model Program

American School Counselor Association

Model Program

National Consortium of State Guidance Leadership

Approved & Validated

Harris County Department of Education (Houston, Texas)

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Watching Scores Soar

1 %
Increase in Graduation Rate
1 %
Decrease in Drop-Out Rate
1 %
Increase in Employment Rate


This is more progress than we hoped for...
Nicky Loch
Work Based Learning Teacher Mahtomedi, MN
Having all of these components working together in ONE program is a true difference maker in outcomes.
Dr. Amy Spriggs
Autism Expert, University of Kentucky
They are absolutely loving Project Discovery! It's one of the best purchases we've made.
B. Gilmer
Director of Special Education Services

Results That Speak For Themselves

Project Discovery Double-Digit and Triple-Digit Post-Test Score Increases

Achieve Life Skills Double-Digit and Triple-Digit Post-Test Score Increases

Project Discovery Double-Digit and Triple-Digit Post-Test Score Increases

Keys to Student Post-Test Success:

Project Discovery’s Methodology of Development:

  • Connection of Activities to Real Life (Rigor and Relevance)
  • Inclusion of Evidence-Based Practices
  • Universal Design for Learning Supports
  • Differentiated Instruction for All Students
  • Academic Standards Alignment
0 %

Increase in post-test results
at Lauderdale County Schools –
Caregiver Adapted Kit

Research Study

Strategies for Effective Career and Life Education for Individuals with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities

Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies Yield Positive Outcomes

“Data clearly demonstrated an increase in both knowledge and skill levels gained across multiple sites for each Project Discovery kit.”

— Dr. Amy Spriggs, Autism Expert, University of Kentucky

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Research Study

Guide to Meeting The Education and Transition Needs of All Students With Project Discovery

“It is critical that educators implement curricular models that have evidence-based research, such as Project Discovery, to meet the academic standards, as mandated, and also prepare students to transition to employment, as mandated by IDEA. When students are provided a curriculum that has real world applications, an instructor can provide a new pathway toward learning.”

— Dr. Margo Izzo, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH


Download Summary • Download Full Report

Research Study

Project Discovery Research Presentation Report

Our Dropout rate has decreased from 58% to 28% and we attribute most of this impact to our Project Discovery program”

— Ascension Parish Schools, LA

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